First ever ghost seal?

Follow up post to the creepy sea creature. I have since found out that this creature has been officially identified as a ghost seal. He haunts reefs, oceans, lakes and bathtubs all over the world. Beware. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.” #BAB125

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Blog Recomendations

Hello Sea Dwellers, I thought I’d reccomened some other quality laughs on the blogasphere for you all. For all your Goat related memes you’ve Goat’lly goatta goat check this blog out. All your latest pop culture info here on the surfing pizza And for all your latest music news here All great […]

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My Bunny Lies Over the Ocean My bunny lies over the ocean My bunny lies over the sea How can my bunny lie over the ocean? Well it’s a very big bunny indeed. #Bab125

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